Cucumber tea sandwiches not the code testing tool

I made cucumber tea sandwiches for our Daily #scrum . My Dev team is also trying out cucumber and test driven development, as a part of our journey closer to DevOps. The scrum master’s job is always changing. Tea and sandwiches for fun at the daily scrum.

Learn more about Cucumber the code testing tool for automated and behavioral driven development.

Cucumbers everywhere, try some cucumber sandwiches.  They are a great treat or snack.  I like to bring them into the office and share with my co-workers.

cucumber sandwiches

cucumber sandwiches

Spread mix:

  • Cream cheese (4oz to start out)
  • Mayo 2 Tablespoons
  • fresh basil chopped fine

I have tried the sandwiches without the mayo but my co-workers all agree the versions with the mayo taste better.

Mix the ingredients in regular bowl large enough to hold the ingredients.  I use a fork to mash together.  It might be good to let the cream cheese warm up a bit, if you just took it out of the refrigerator.

  • Take two slices of your favorite sandwich bread and spread the spread mixture on one side
  • place 1/8th inch thick slices of cucumbers on the spread
  • match up the slices into a sandwich and cut off the crust. (if you are really creative save the crust and use it in a gazpacho soup)
  • Then cut the sandwich into smaller sandwiches (I usually get 6 little sandwiches out of one regular sandwich).  It takes a little practice to not push the small sandwiches apart.  A good sharp knife helps a lot.

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